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The Escape Advisor is here to help you find the perfect place to relocate or retire based on your unique situation and preferences. And for a limited time this service is free of charge.

Just give us some information about what you’re looking for and we’ll create a personalized list of countries that we think will be a great fit for you. Don’t worry, your information is safe with us and we would never sell it to anyone.

Relocation Questionnaire

After you submit your answers to the questionnaire, the Escape Advisor will touch base with you within 1-3 days with the results.

Relocation Survey

At what age do you plan to relocate or move abroad?
Are you moving abroad alone or with others?(Required)
What is your projected monthly budget for your new location?(Required)
What is the source of your income?(Required)
Do you plan to continue working remotely in your new country?(Required)
How much savings will you have when you relocate?(Required)
What are your main reasons for moving abroad?(Required)
What is your preferred lifestyle?(Required)
Drag and drop these factors in order of importance (most important at the top).
  • Housing Options
  • Food Options
  • Warm Climate
  • Healthcare Options
  • Access to a Beach
  • English Speaking
  • Community Vibe
  • Low Cost of Living
  • Public Transportation
  • Close to International Airport
  • Western Food
  • Access to Shopping
  • Safety & Security
Are you comfortable living in a country where few people speak English?(Required)
How long do you plan to live abroad?
You may select more than one preference.
When do you plan to relocate?
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Please allow a few seconds after clicking to submit your questionnaire to fully capture your answers to the questionnaire, our Escape Advisor will touch base with you within 1-3 days with the results.